About us

Name Evan van Doorn

Evan is born in Beijum (Groningen) in 1983 and moved to Roden in 2013. He is (by far haha) the oldest member of The Rising Sun, but fortunately still young at heart. He has a strong connection with music and played along with songs as long as he can remember, with whatever instrument he could get his hands on (or whatever object made a sound). With a piano at home his first serious efforts on learning an instrument was the piano. At the age of ten Evan took saxophone lessons at De Stedelijke Muziekschool (called bijvrijdag now). When he was 13 he joined a Fusion band wich was formed and directed by one of the teachers.

After 4 years Evan stopped playing the Saxophone and other interests took over. Through the years the urge of playing the saxophone grew stronger and at the age of 29 he started playing again. He joined several jazz workshops, played a lot at open sessions and joined a soul/funk band where he did several gigs with.

Evan is part of The Rising Sun since the beginning of October. With his creative mind, aptitude for music and ongoing motivation he wants to create music that carry's out as far as possible, and improve himself as a musician (and person) along the way.