About us

Name Sebastiaan Graventein

Sebastiaan Graventein is born in Winschoten on Oktober the 14th in 1992. Sebastiaan is a professional guitar player and arranger. His passion for music started since he was a young kid who dreamed of playing in a professional band. This dream came to reality with The Rising Sun. Sebastiaan is one of the 4 creators of the Rising Sun what started out as a schoolproject at the School voor kunsten where he studied music.

Besides the band Sebastiaan did several assignments as a session musician for artists like the Groningse singer Oes and lots of other acts.

As a professinal musician Sebastiaan played at lots of places around the Netherlands like:

  • Melkweg Amsterdam
  • Vera Groningen
  • De Vorstin Hilversum
  • Het Bolwerk Sneek
  • Bevrijdingsfestival Groningen
  • Romein Leeuwarden
  • Keiweek Groningen

Besides beïng a musician Sebastiaan also has a passion for arranging and organizing events. For example, he arranged his first festival in Vera Groningen on march 2015 what turned out to be a great succes with over 250 people.